763 Days

since The Big Bang.


One startup.
One goal.

One year working on XMATE isn’t that long, but we still have a story to tell.

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The XMATE Chronicle

June 10, 2018
The Big Bang
October 11, 2018
First XMATE MeetUp
May 22, 2019
Official Company Formation
July 23, 2019
Team Expansion Onboarding

How it all began

“It all started with me thinking about buying a camera, after a film-project at a festival. To push this idea forward I finally thought about the question: "Where do I get the money from?" There were a few options, like deliver newspapers, do a vacation job and also giving tutoring to other students. The latter was quite perfect for me, as a student who performed quite well in school... So I prepared myself for it. I even finished a kind of posting, which I intended to pin up in our local bakery until I realized that we live in the 21st century and that there had to be a better digital way to get connected. I directly searched for a functional platform, but ... surprise, surprise... didn't found one, which caught my serious attention, looked functional and was also focused on tutoring between students and students.”

Jonas HildebrandtFounder & CEO
XMATE HQ near Brunswick, Germany